A little bit about me ...

WHAT I DO - I love music - if its good, then its good whatever style or genre it fits or doesn't. - I play whatever - classically trained with a folk background and a jazz degree. I can read well, improvise in most styles and be a chameleon or an individual, whatever is required. I am current All Britain Champion for Irish music. I teach privately and do workshops, gig a lot & call dances at ceilidhs/ barndances. I also home-school 3 little people…

My Instruments

VIOLIN - l have a lovely instrument made by Christopher Rowe, Isle-of-White in 1997. I use a Bridge 5 string electric www.bridgeinstruments.co.uk for noisy gigs (Robb Johnson aging punk-band for instance), a www.sonicviolins.co.uk for less loud but manic gigs & jazz gigs, I think the pick-up sound quality beats most other piezzo's into a cocked hat. For 'accoustic' gigs I use a headway band www.headwayelectronics.com - it wraps around my nice acoustic violins body with velcro and is amazing! My violin just got louder, makes life easier than sitting very still playing through a microphone.

VIOLA – I have a possible Russian instrument. It has a lovely deep, sonorous tone. I use a Headway Band pickup for this too.

CELLO - Had the opportunity to learn cello whilst on a 6 month 'Beowulf" tour with the "English Shakespeare Company" borrowed from another teacher - amazing jazz + ethno-musician Stuart Hall. Found MY cello in a shop in Belgium for £400 - bargain. All bruised and tattered - had it fixed - and its beautiful. I amplify this with a Headway Band (see, I have the whole set!) I also have a very sexy-looking Bridge electric ‘cello.

NYKELHARPE - I have coveted these instruments for 10 years since discovering them at the festival St. Chartiere in France. I was lent one recently, learnt to play it properly (the challenge set by the lender was can I play the hornpipe 'Beeswing' - and I can - now!) These instruments have a wow factor so if you don't know them - check it out.

RECENT EXPERIENCE - Playing as part of house band for Canadian Aboriginal Awards - I play duos with Steafan Hannigan, recorded album (just released) of experimental, impressionistic pictures music with percussionist Donna Whitlock - Played and recorded with a lot of singer/songwriters: Robb Johnson (irregularrecords.co.uk) George Papovgeris, Sonja Kristina (curved Air), Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker) and many more... also done sessions for Uriah Heep (are they still going - yes, brilliantly!), Ron Korb, and am on Relic Hunter soundtrack.

My main band at the moment is LinnTilla www.linntilla.com - I love it - sort of folk/beats/chillout crossover thing for dancing and, well, dancing to.

Have had the good fortune recently to perform with John Etheridge, Gary Potter and John Wheatcroft - all mighty fine jazz guitarists - playing Grappelli-style gigs.

Recently had a track co-written by Declan Flynn aka Al-Pha-X, played twice on Classic FM's late night chill programme...