Albums, Reviews & Quotes
Here you will find a list of recordings I have played on, reviews and quotes.

ALBUMS I have played on:

Al-Pha X: A Plea for Sanity
Al-Pha X: Gravity
Bill Jones: Turn To Me
Caim: caim
Celtic Flute Magic
Eugenie Arrowsmith: Mae West Juice
Faye Rochelle: Reflections"  
George Papovgeris: For my next trick (IRR061)
Jon Harvison: Knight's Gambit (OFFCD 00107)
Ray Hearne: Broad Street Ballads
Rebsie Fairholm: Mind The Gap
Robb Johnson & The Irregulars: Saturday Night at The Fire Station (IRR063)
  Robb Johnson & The Irregulars: All That Way For This  (IRR066)
  Robb Johnson with Miranda Sykes and Saskia Tomkins: 21st Century Blues (IRR043)
Robb Johnson: The Triumph of Hope over Experience (IRR045)
Robb Johnson: Clockwork Music (IRR048)
Robb Johnson: The Big Wheel (IRR036)
  Uriah Heep: Acoustically Drive - Viola
Uriah Heep: Two Sides Of Uriah Heep
WoodworX: Two Short Planx (Poke Records)

ALBUMS close to my heart:

Kiana: Pebbles on an ancient Pathway
Linntilla: Linntilla

Various Reviews...

AL-PHA-X: Gravity - Bar De Lune
(LUNECD13 2002 08 05)

“… the soaring violin parts of Saskia Tomkins … lends a welcome organic touch to the album”
      Reviewer - From USA

“…First Transmission is a truly majestic Arabic violin infused masterpiece that will launch you into “Gravity” perfectly. Warmed up just right , dive in and you will be rewarded. Chilled but inventive, “Gravity” is world music at its most laid back with a global feel that’s minus the usual “worthy” tag. It won’t stop the world from turning but it will lighten its load. One to appreciate.”

Robb Johnson, Miranda Sykes & Saskia Tomkins: 21st Century Blues
( Irregular IRR043

“…These are stirring performances with Miranda and Saskia adding so-right accompaniments, which truly enhance the songs, by, turns passionate and delicate”              
      The Living Tradition - Clive Pownceby

Robb Johson: The Big Wheel
(Irregular Records IRR036)

“… Special mention for Saskia Tomkins (on "violin" no less) who gives Robb much pazazz”
      The Living Tradition - Clive Pownceby

Robb Johson

“…But here on Clockwork Music (rather like on The Big Wheel, the rhythm of whose title track the present album's title track mirrors), it's the gorgeous instrumental backings - courtesy of Robb's fellow-trio-members Miranda Sykes (double-bass) and Saskia Tomkins (violin/viola/cello) - that really set the seal on the already superlative songwriting. The breadth of these young ladies' talents enables them to move from swooping, soaring melodic lines (Lucky) to proto-punk thrust (Young Man With The Girlfriend And Guitar) to insouciant jazzity (Bang!) to cod-classicism (We All Said Thankyou Very Much) at a veritable bow-stroke, and always with breathtaking sensitivity too…” - David Kidman

George Papavgeris: Ordinary Heros
(Irregular Records)

“…Helped by the fine musician(s) Saskia Tomkins on violin……….Especially the violin is a strong addition to his music. Saskia has a way of playing that fits perfectly to the personal vocals of Papavgeris. She brings some sun in the sometimes bit sad atmosphere of the music. - Eelco Schilder 

Jon Harvison: Knight's Gambit
( OFFCD00107)

“…This is further enhanced by the contributions of the other musicians, especially Saskia Tomkins' inspired fiddle playing which, at times is so stunningly beautiful, it brings shivers to the spine.”  - Debbie Osborne

…and Quotes

“…the spiky Saskia Tomkins on punk leccie-violin” - David Kidman

“… the sublime viola, violin and cello of Saskia Tomkins”
      The Ram Club, Claygate, Surrey UK

“…I did the special guest spot to Robb Johnson down at The Luminaire. Ricky joined me on the bass and this was the first time that I've done a gig in this format. Part way through my set I noticed Saskia Tomkins at the side of the stage so I asked her to come on and join us. She was truly superb. She'd not heard the songs before and just busked it but her fiddle playing was a fantastic addition to our set. It's made me think that I'll be using fiddle more often.”
Swill from ‘The Men They Couldn’t Hang’ and ‘Swill And The Swaggerband’

“…Miranda Sykes' double bass and Saskia Tomkins' cello, viola and violin add depth and drama to Johnson's work, while never detracting from its immediacy.”