Like Mother, Like Son

Oisín and Saskia have been making music together since the womb and their connection is almost tangible. Together on bowed strings and percussion, mother and son create a musical journey founded on their complex cultural and ethnic backgrounds, influenced by the many traditions they’ve picked up on their travels.

From birth, Oisin accompanied his parents to gigs, in the car seat, then in a playpen. Very early on it was hard to keep him off the stage and child Oisin and Saskia frequently went busking together, on his insistence.  They played with the family band Clan Hannigan and toured twice in Europe and N.America. Now the vibes and sparks on stage are exciting and unpredictable as they navigate their way musically through self-penned and traditional pieces, from traditional Irish to Eastern European, from French to North American.

Born exactly 25 years apart to the day, they do indeed share a birthday, and yes, Oisin’s hair is very much longer than his mums!

To learn more about Oisin, his music or to book a percussion lesson, click here for his website.

Also available as a trio with dad Steafan Hannigan