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We have really enjoyed the lessons. Not everyone with your level of talent can teach kids and do it so effectively....they adore you :)!

Rachel Dunbrack
Parent of 2 students

A Big Huge "Round of Thanks" for making our service extra special today


She might look young, but in fact she’s really old - she was at the crossroads with Robert Johnson

Proprietor, Old Church Theatre, Trenton say thanks for such a wonderful day yesterday. You played FANTASTIC and made such a great contribution to our little CD. We can't get over how great your solo is on "The Things That You Do" as well as everything else. Your fire and true musicality are such a thrill for us.

John Zyturic and Collette Savard
Singer-songwriters, Toronto

Thank you so much for another great workshop. Saskia is an excellent instructor. I attended two of her classes; the first one, with only four students, was outstanding. Thanks!

Bernie Lee
Fiddle workshop attendee.

Saskia’s variations are not always what we’re used to in Irish music, but they mostly work well and her fiddle tone is exemplary.

Alex Monaghan
Irish Music magazine

Thank-you for adding that special touch to our concert. You are a wonderful player

Arlene Gray
Organist/Music Director at Emmanuel United Church, Peterborough

I just wanted to thank you for the lesson yesterday. I am feeling much better about things (although I think it will be a bit of time before I can get somewhere to check out shoulder rests) and look forward to practicing with pencils!

Fiddle Student

Not your usual violinist!

Kim Doolittle
Blues singer-songwriter

Saskia Tomkins and Steafan Hannigan are two incredible people with open minds and huge hearts with an amazing family... everyone needs to check out their music and achievements ... thank you!

Stevie Connor
Blues and Roots Radio, FMO2017