Weddings & other special occasions

”Violins are a must at a wedding ceremony. They have this quality that’s capable of
bringing on the tears”     Mark Stevens, leader, Starlight Orchestra

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There is nothing quite as joyous as having live musicians playing your wedding soundtrack.

For many years Saskia has created wedding soundscapes, both solo and working with other musicians, at hundreds of weddings across the globe.

From the ever popular Pachabel’s Canon in D Major and Wagner’s Bridal Chorus to Disney songs and Moon River, to Irish fiddling and pipes to Medaeval music on early instruments, we’ve done it all.

If you wish to have a particular piece played, I will do my best to accommodate. Popular services include playing for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and while the photo’s are being taken, to entertain the other guests.

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Wishing for something different in the evening? A ceilidh/barndance is a great alternative for young and old to mingle and dance together. Used for centuries at weddings and other special occasions, it breaks the ice between families, celebrates cultures and creates memories.

We provide a band with sound system and a “caller” to teach the simply folk dances so that everyone can have a go!

Music combos include:

  • Solo violin
  • String duo, trio or quartet.
  • Irish/Celtic duo, trio or quartet, instrumental or with singer.
      • Celtic combo comes with a Highland piper to pipe you into the hall.
  • jazz trio or quartet (Stéphane Grapelli-style) with without singer.
  • Medieval instrumental duet or trio.

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Looking for something else?

Please contact Saskia to discuss how we can help you have the best day ever