Teaching Workshops

Saskia is available to teach at festivals and music camps. She is open to suggestions, but here are a few that are tried and tested:

Fiddle Technique Doctor

Many fiddlers in the folk world are self- taught or have a basic training from years ago. I am fortunate to have spent 40 years straddling both the fiddle world and the classical.  I come equipped with good technique training which I love to share, in order  to help fiddlers get the best out of their instruments, helping them  sort out all those “why can’t I do that thing?” and “how can I play better?” questions.

All in a non-patronising, safe environment.

How Do I Make This Tune My Own?

Turning The Dots into 3D

A musician will often play a tune, then make it their own by exploring variations and being creative. Saskia will take her group on a musical journey using common pre-learned tunes, and help the students to find interesting things to do with the music to lift it from the page, introducing some understanding of basic improvisation skills.

Practical Theory for Fiddlers, or “Why does that guitarist keep saying G7?”

G7 isn’t just a political organisation! Using our instruments, Saskia will explain in a practical way, the bricks and mortar of how the music is constructed and what to listen for.

What Makes a Fiddle Tune Sound Authentic?

Lets explore some different fiddle styles from round our planet and identify why they sound different. This can be taught as a hands on workshop or as a lecture.